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Maureen Weidle

Hi my name is Maureen and I am the owner of Skin Solutions. This is the story of how I got here and why.

Over 30 years ago I began my journey in the health and beauty world.┬áIt all started when I was a Junior High School Teacher in the Philadelphia area. As most teachers of that time I worked another job to supplement my income. I worked when I could as a makeup artist in the fashion industry. Working on photo shoots and theater productions. During those years I looked at a lot of faces and started to realize the many skin problems that these young men and women were having. When I was working on them they would talk to me about there concerns and ask my opinion on what to do about them. I felt terrible because I didn’t know what to tell them. This troubled me because I really wanted to help them. Unfortunately at that time little was known about the skin itself. As time went on I left Philadelphia and moved to California and Arizona. Once again I ended up working as a makeup artist. And once again the people I worked on asked me the same questions about their skin all these years later. I started thinking that fate had something to do with this. I was always interested in the fields of wellness and skincare so I made the decision to change my career direction.
I went back to school and studied Anatomy and Physiology as well as Chemistry and Nutrition. During this same time I also went to school to become a licensed esthetician. As a Licensed Esthetician I was able to work with other skincare professionals with experience with the hope that I could learn the safest and effective treatments and products.
This turned out to be an incorrect assumption. Once again clients and patients were being prescribed harsh and dangerous drugs and topical products. I knew I had my work cut out for me.
So back to school I went. I decided to focus on the ingredients in pharmacials, cosmetics and herbal treatments and products. After years of researching the popular products lines I started seeing a pattern of products that contained ingredients that didn’t do anything they promised for the skin or were dangerous and harmful. So I realized after over 25 years of experience research and education that developing my own products was the only way I would know the ingredients were botanically based, safe, effective and affordable and that I would be proud to offer.
So a joined forces with Chemists and Botanical specialists and together we developed Skin Solutions. My Esthetic clients having been using my products for several years with great results. They have encouraged me over and over to have a website where others could have the opportunity to experience the same wonderful safe results as they and their families have had with my products. So was born. This is just the beginning. I will continue to research and develop cutting edge products.

This journey has been transformational because of the thousands of clients over my 25+ years skincare career who have challenged, inspired and encouraged me. I care deeply about you and your families and I look forward to a beautiful relationship.

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Thanks for your support, Maureen